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Luxury Crystal Bath Bomb - Red Jasper was £4.50

Luxury Crystal Bath Bomb - Red Jasper was £4.50

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Fragrance Description: Warm notes of frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli heightened with an intriguing blend of aquatic notes but softened with creamy vanilla. This also contains essential oils of lavender ,chamomile, geranium and pure crystal essence of red jasper. 

The respective fragrance blends which are hand-blended from both essential oils and magical perfume & crystal essences are designed to work with individual Archangels and specific natural crystals.

Directions for use: These bombs are slow-release gentle fizzers, they are long-lasting and very gentle on even sensitive skin. These bombs will not dye you or your tub funny colours and they will not irritate sensitive areas. We don't use anything but high quality ingredients and absolutely no cheap fillers.



Suitable for Vegans

**These are NOT safe for tree nut allergies**